Thursday, 6 September 2012

Our Weapon of Choice

Here are our badminton racquets we are currently using…

1)            Pro Kennex CarbonPro 787 Patented strung with Protech 0.7mm 24Ibs – my wife’s long time favorite racquet very even balanced.

2)        Pro Kennex CarbonPro 727 Patented strung with Protech 0.7mm 24Ibs – everybody’s training and bashing racquet.

3)          Yonex Aerotus 65SP Japan strung with Protech 0.7mm 25Ibs – used by Aaron after he broke his racquet supplied by MBA. This is a G4 3U racquet which may not be suitable for him but he is a man now isn’t he.

4)          KX All England 100 strung with Fleet 0.7mm 25Ibs - supplied by MBA currently used by Ryan. Aaron had a similar one but was broken.

5)                  RSL M11 Predator 005 - used by me during training. Earmarked for Ryan later.

6)                 Yonex Arc Saber 009DX Taiwan G5-3U strung with YY BG66U 28Ibs - used by me for my doubles games. Even balanced stiff shaft.

7)             Yonex Voltric 70 Japan G4-3U strung with YY NBG95 25lbs - used by me for my singles games. Head heavy medium shaft.

Did you know good shoes are as important? My wife insisted to invest in good dedicated badminton shoes to preserve sole grip. No compromise here and I could not agree more.

1)                  Protech PYS1106 size 4 worn by Ryan.

2)                  Yonex WorldChamp Pro 86 Red size 3.5 worn by Aaron.

3)                  Yonex WorldChamp Pro 86 Blue size 6.5 worn by me/wife for training. Both my wife and I have similar sized feet.

4)                  Yonex SHB65 FT Shine Orange Power Cushion size 6.5 worn by me for my games.

5)                  Asics Gel Rocket size 7 worn by my wife.

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