Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Inter-MBA Tournament - 30th June 2012

Semi Finalist - Inter MBA June 2012
I can say the turn of event was triggered during this Tournament. Ryan 7th seed, made it to the semi-finals whereas Aaron 8th seed, bowed out in the quarter finals. Considering there were more than 160 Basic Level participants, The boys having lived up to their billing was very encouraging indeed.

What was more agonizing was to see both loosing to their opponents who were not very much superior in skill. Aaron had 10 points lead thrown away from silly unforced errors. He could not contain his composure when the Indian boy tidied up his shots slightly. Ryan lost to a tad more skillful player who could place the shuttle better. Furthermore, he was tiring out after 6 continuous knock out games and his lack of fitness was evident when he began to return lots of half court shots. Both the Indian boy and the shuttle placer advanced to final and the latter became champion.

From this contest, I knew they were not very far off from the top four. We could see their glaring lack of net play and placing skills. Ryan 10 years old was stronger in his drives but was less agile than Aaron. After this tournament, my wife and I agreed to put in some of our personal attention to enhance their training programme. We were determined to prepare them better for the next Inter-MBA in December 2012.


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