Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nagging Injuries

Others may not know it if we don’t talk about it. However once the subject is opened up, it becomes a hot topic of endless lamenting. My long term ache has been my left waist which has been for years now. I think this was more due to the ergonomics of bad sitting posture in my desk job. I also sustained a left hamstring pull for more than 4 months now due to a futsal game. It’s nagging and did not go away. My weekly badminton sessions probably aggravated it even more. I also sustained a sprain on my right sole saphenous area also resulted from the same futsal match.

My wife also had long term aches on her back spinal cord and abdomen probably due to her severe physical trainings and straining matches when she was younger. Over the past year or so, her left knee pain became acute especially after badminton matches. She feared it could be the thinning of her knee cartilage and could be a long term problem despite various treatments.

My boys may not understand it now because I always insisted them to do sufficient muscle stretching before every training session. I hope by instilling this habit in them will minimize their bodily injuries whether they realize it or not. Inflicting injuries at our age takes a long time to treat and heal. Someday, when they are older, perhaps they will begin to understand why their old man always nags at them on this.

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