Monday, 25 March 2013


The boys warming up at Pioneer Badminton Centre, Shemelin 1  Mall
This tournament was organized by The Kuala Lumpur Sports School Council which coincided with the first term school holidays in Mar 2013 played in the Shemelin 1 Mall. They were the same officials who put together the BAKTI tournament back in November 2012.

MBA sent about 16 participants (14 boys and 2 girls) in various age categories. Aaron was in the under 10 category and had a bye in the first round. He cleared the second and third rounds comfortably and surprisingly found himself qualified for the quarter finals and the last man standing from MBA. We saw glimpses of his opponent, a certain Justin Hoh who was seeded second in the tournament and immediately surmised that it would be a daunting task for Aaron to pass him to the semi-finals. In spite of the odds, we supported him with lots of encouragement.

The quarter finals were on the third day of the tournament which was on a Monday. I had to take emergency leave to attend Aaron’s match which will be played over best of 3 sets. When the game started, Aaron was already trailing 0 – 3. We could see Justin’s game was more tidy than Aaron’s. If only he was more composed, Aaron could make the score tighter. Half way in the second set, Aaron was clearly frustrated and began to get emotional. The match was already lost before the second set ended and he was in tears.

Aaron at Quarter Finals vs Justin Hoh
Ryan was in the under 12 category went down fighting in his first round. The brothers were also in the under 12 category in doubles and similarly fizzled out in the second round after receiving a first round bye.

Aaron surprised us with his advancement to quarter finals which was very encouraging but in spite of that, he still lacked competition experience. We will continue to work on him because he has two more years to reach his peak in the under 12 category. However, looking at the highly competitive field in the under 12 category, the 2 years which Aaron has suddenly seem like a very short time.

Results Boys Singles Under 10
1st Round        Aaron Wong vs Bye                             
2nd Round       Aaron Wong vs Tai Ming Zher                 30 - 14
3rd Round  :      Aaron Wong vs Lee Qi Hong                   30 - 18
Quarter Final :   Aaron Wong vs Justin Hoh                     13 - 21, 9 - 21

Results Boys Singles Under 12
1st Round :         Ryan Wong vs Wong Yuen Loong           24 - 30

Results Boys Doubles Under 12
1st Round :         Ryan/Aaron vs Bye
2nd Round  :       Ryan/Aaron vs Izz Adli/Yusrizal              13 - 30


  1. Note :

    Boys Singles Under 10
    Champion : Kenny Khew
    Runner up : Justin Hoh

    Boys Singles Under 12
    Champion : Chua Yue Chern
    Runner up : Nabeel Azriq

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