Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Master Paizhuan Stringing Pattern

I was studying the coach's racket and discovered that the stringing pattern on it was more superior than the conventional stringing pattern offered commercially by most of the stringing shops. I searched in BadmintonCentral and finally found this pattern which resembles the one used by the coach. Its called the Master Paizhuan stringing pattern. Heres why...

What is the Master Paizhuan pattern?
The Master Paizhuan pattern is a one piece top-bottom style pattern, originally designed for 72 hole rackets. You start by doing the first 16 mains, then you do the top 4 crosses, 1 more main on each side, then the bottom 4 crosses. The short side then ties off, while the long side goes back up to the top to string bottom down the balance 13 crosses. The 11th or 12th main is the last pull on both sides.

There will be a slight improvisation needed for rackets with 76 holes which most of you are using locally here. Preweaved, you will never have to fight with shared holes.

But why would you do this?
With the regular bottom up pattern, you lose tension in the sweetspot very quickly. This happens because you have more slack at the top, with the knot (which just doesn't hold as much tension), and because it's harder to clamp up there. I feel like you then get some tension creep.

The Paizhuan pattern, move all of the slack onto the outside main - the 12th string... a string you'll never actively use. Upon completion you will notice immediately the stringbed is more balanced and feels firm. The sound reverberates better as well.

Those who like to try your rackets using this pattern, the attached drawing will assist you or your stringer.
This is an improvised pattern for 76 hole racket used by Ryan. Yellow Short String. Green Long String. Notice the 2 tie offs are modified to 11th main string.
If you are not into the technical details of it, just send your rackets to Aaron or myself. We will string it for you by giving advance notice.