Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Inter-MBA Tournament - December 2011

One month into MBA training, the half yearly Inter-MBA Tournament was held. All MBA shuttlers from Taman Megah and Puchong were invited to participate in this tournament for a small fee.

The participants were divided into three categories, Basic, Intermediate and Advance level. Our boys were just getting started, so they were in Basic category. All the games were played in singles. Parents were also invited to play doubles pairing with their kids in a parent-child doubles competition. Since there was no charge for this, my wife and I enrolled ourselves for the doubles competition. Ryan partnered me while Aaron partnered my wife.

Since this was the first time playing in a competition, we did not expect much from our 2 boys. We just prepared them as best as we could in the short time available. True enough, they were beaten in the first round. Ryan lost narrowly but Aaron walked out of the game halfway and was in tears because he could not win his game. We had a good laugh but we consoled him.

In the parent-child doubles, we were also knocked out in the first round by more advanced pairs. Nevertheless, we had a good family time there and an eye opener how our boys measured against he rest of the competition. We realized for the first time if the boys were keen to bring their game up to the next level, they definitely had to do a lot more work in the months ahead of them.

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