Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Humble Beginnings

Aaron (L) and Ryan (R)
Back in early 2011, my wife urged me to introduce badminton to both our boys. Ryan was 8 years old then and Aaron 1 year his junior. Being a member in Bt Jalil Golf & Country Club, we can enjoy many of the facilities the club has to offer including the 6 badminton courts garnished with epoxy flooring. All I had to do was to get into the web site and book for a court three days in advance. Our badminton then was leisurely more than anything else.

However, the boys loved the game very much. They would just jump into court and started hitting the shuttle to and fro between themselves. Both my wife and I felt that they should be guided further and started them by playing doubles. I can say they picked the game up quickly and that became our weekend workout for most of 2011. By November 2011, we needed to keep them occupied during their long school holidays. So, we decided to enroll them into Michael’s Badminton Academy in Puchong.

We learnt that MBA had a school plan whereby they subsidize students studying in primary Schools around Puchong area. I only had to pay RM50 per pax per month for a 2 hour per week session. The starters pack of RM100 include a free racquet with strings, MBA T-shirts and a water bottle. Kudus to MBA we could get our kids to take up badminton more seriously.

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