Friday, 20 June 2014


1)        In BCA Indonesian Open 2014 Superseries in  Jakarta, the following statistics were derived from men singles matches on average.
            a)    Average time per set = 18.6 mins (21 pts system)

      b)    Average time per point = 30.9 sec

      c)    Average points per set = 36 points (ie. 21 – 15) 

 2)         Tennis vs. Badminton

The speed and the stamina required for badminton are far greater than for any other racket sport.  At the 1985 All England (Tennis) Championships, Boris Becker defeated Kevin Curren, 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 6-4.  At the 1985 World Badminton Championships in Calgary, Canada, Han Jian of China defeated Morten Frost of Denmark, 14-18, 15-10, 15-8.  The following is a statistical comparison of those matches.
           a) Time:  Tennis, 3 hours and 18 mins.  Badminton, 1 hour and 16 mins.

           b) Shuttle in Play:  Tennis, 18 mins.  Badminton, 37 mins. (15 points system)

           c) Match Intensity*:  Tennis, 9 percent.  Badminton, 48 percent.

           d) Rallies:  Tennis 299.  Badminton, 146.

           e) Shots:  Tennis, 1,004.  Badminton, 1,972.

            f) Shots Per Rally:  Tennis, 3.4.  Badminton, 13.5.

            g) Distance Covered:  Tennis, 2 miles.  Badminton, 4 miles.

            Note that the badminton players competed for half the time, yet ran twice as far and hit   
            nearly twice as many shots.

 3)      Longest Rally

a) Men Singles : BWF World Championships 2013 in China, Nguyen Tien Minh (Vietnam) vs Jan O Jorgensen (Denmark) 108 strokes

b) Mix Doubles : Sudirman Cup 2003 in Netherlands, Ra Kyung Min / Lee Kyung Won (Korea) vs Rikke Olsen / Ann Lou Jorgensen (Denmark) 157 strokes

4)       Any Helpful Rituals?
On tournament day, before we let the boys out of the car, we will join hands together     and get the boys to proclaim out loud that they want to win in every game and give it a go to the Final. This is to set a correct frame of mind in the beginning of the tournament. It certainly works for the boys.
5)       How about Training one day before a Tournament?
          Normally yes but light to moderate workout.

6)       How do you relax in between matches during the Tournament?
Play smart phone games.
7)       What is your most common injury?
             R : Ankle aches.
             A : Knee aches.

8)       Do you play better in the mornings or in the afternoons? Why?
          Afternoons. Morning is cold which make the body stiff.

9)       Any particular preparation by the dad before any Tournament?
           Yes. If I know the Tournament courts are parquet flooring, I would make an effort to

           wash the sole of their shoes the night before the Tournament. This is to get a bit  
           more grip out of their shoes.

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