Monday, 9 June 2014


In this Tournament, only Lim Chun Yeh stood in their way. 
This is the second instalment of PBVKL’s tournament in 2014 held in Champions Badminton Hall in Taman Kepong, KL. This was a much better organised tournament than the first one in Stadium Badminton Cheras KL although some of the nets with gaping holes needed replacing.

Ryan was on song in this tournament. In his quarter final match against a gutsy Hossin, Ryan was trailing 0 – 7 and 10 – 15 before the changeover. We noticed Hossin left a sizeable gap in front of the net and during the break we pointed to him to take the net. His caught up and eventually persevered and won the match 30 – 25.

In the semi finals, Ryan met Lim Chun Yeh again whom he lost a week ago at the Sunlight tournament. This time Ryan fought tooth and nail all the way to rubber set and was leading 19 – 17. Somehow, Lim Chun Yeh found it in his reserves to force a deuce 20 – 20.  Then two winners from Chun Yeh rendered Ryan second time unlucky going down 20 - 22. He was in tears but we consoled him because he had displayed marked improvement in prolonging his rallies and making successful front lunges. Most of all, his mental approach to this tournament was exemplary.

Aaron was not very much troubled in his run up to the final but I noted his game was smeared with bits of silly errors. He may be trying out some stuff and I was not very convinced that he was heeding to our advice.  In the final vs Lim Chun Yeh, his body language after coming out short in the first set did not look very good. Lim Chun Yeh had all the answers to his attempts and he was getting frustrated as the game progressed. Up to the last third of the second set, Aaron snapped and flung his racquet out of frustration. The game was lost after that.

In the U12 doubles, the brothers were also untroubled until the semi finals against Times BA duo of Kingston Tan and Lee Chen Shen.  Both of them were lanky and had strong smashes. It was a contest of fast exchanges between both pairs. The brothers was overwhelmed in the first set but made a strong came back in the second. In the decider, both brothers could not last the pace and their defence began showing signs of cracks with many unforced errors. At last, they conceded to the better pair. Both Kingston and Lee eventually became champions.

While Ryan struck a right tune in this tournament, we cannot say the same for Aaron. We saw the untamed side him let loose in the heat of the moment. Despite the glittering medals the boys brought back home, there wasn’t much celebration to it. Maybe it was due to lack of product sponsors or monetary reward and the boys must have sense that taking losses badly is not very sportsman like. I talked this over with Aaron’s but this young man with little words may need his own time and space for this. This is what he will get.


1st Round – Aaron vs  Bye

2nd Round – Aaron vs Lee Choon Shen    30 – 22

3rd Round – Aaron vs S. Khabilan              30 – 16

Qtr Final – Aaron vs Wong Hong Yuan     30 – 27

Semi-Final – Aaron vs Roslin                        21 – 9, 21 – 11

Final-Aaron vs Lim Chun Yeh                       17 – 21, 12 – 21

1st Round – Ryan vs Hosinth Rao                  30 – 12

2nd Round – Ryan vs Muhd Taufik Faisal     30 –  9

3rd Round – Ryan vs Chai Chun Hong          30 – 11

Qtr Final – Ryan vs Hossin                             30 – 25

Semi-Final – Ryan vs Lim Chun Yeh           21 – 19, 9 – 21, 20 – 22


1st Round – Ryan/Aaron vs Zairi Idris/Chai Chun Hong                      30 – 12

Qtr Final – Ryan/Aaron vs Hosinth/Pavithran                                      30 – 22

Semi-Final – Ryan/Aaron vs Kingston Tan/Lee Chen Shen                16 – 21, 22 – 20, 12 – 21

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