Saturday, 28 June 2014


L to R : Ryan Yong, Ryan Wong, Samuel Chia, Darren Tan

Ryan is defending his title here which he won 7 months ago. This time is different as there are more non-members participating this time around.
Ryan began his campaign against a fast improving Wong Hong Yuan which he had beaten before in the November 2013 tournament. This time Ryan was stretched to rubber game winning by the skin of his teeth 21-18, 15-21, 22-20. In the quarter final, Ryan again had to labour for a three setter against a lithe Rex Hooi. Fortunately Rex tired out in the second half of the third set and Ryan took the serving on the plate but not without some anxious moments.

In the semi-final, Ryan was up against a giant of a boy, Samuel Chia which again was stretched to a rubber game. This time Ryan had no answer to Samuel’s hard smashes using his height and strength to his full advantage. The 3rd and 4th placing was academic as Ryan breezed past his opponent by a large margin. So Ryan had to settle for a bronze medal and took home a Dunlop shoe bag with a tube of shuttle cocks.

Aaron’s mysterious poor form continued in this tournament. The only notable game was against his Putrajaya mate Darren Tan in the quarter final which he lost uncharacteristically. I was utterly disappointed and had no answers to his poor performance.  It is a game which we would want to forget and move on. Darren went on to become runner-up after losing to Samuel Chia in the final.


1st Round :           Ryan vs Bye

2nd Round :          Ryan vs Wong Hong Yuan             21-18, 15-21, 22-20

Quarter-Final :   Ryan vs Rex Hooi                              21-18, 15-18, 21-16

Semi-Final :         Ryan vs Samuel Chia                       21-11, 9-21, 18-21

3rd Placing :         Ryan vs Ryan Yong                           21-2, 21-2           


1st Round :           Aaron vs Wee Pang Sheng           Walkover

2nd Round :          Aaron vs Dey Dilshadh                   21-3, 21-4

Quarter-Final :   Aaron vs Darren Tan                       22-20, 18-21, 17-21

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