Monday, 9 December 2013


Low Hong Seng & Aaron BD U10 Semi-Finalist
This tournament was organized by Looi BA and was held in the newly built Sports Arena, Bukit Serdang. The organisers did good by offering RM2 per match for voluntary lines men. Many early exits went home happy as they had the opportunity to earn some pocket money from this.

In the Boys Singles U10, Aaron had a gallant run up to quarter final where he again met with Yap Juin An - the second time in two weeks. This time, Aaron gave a little more resistance but Juin An’s outlasted Aaron in the rallies. Aaron was beaten again but not without a glimpse of what he was capable of.

In the Boys Doubles U10, Aaron and Low Hong Seng first time partnership made it to the semi-finals before they were halted by the SSBA duo Wong Vin Sean & Lim Yang Feng.

Ryan’s campaign in the Boys Singles U12 was again dismal where he was taken down by Jamey Ong from Perlis BA in the third round. In the doubles with Darren Tan, they were also drawn to meet the Perlis player again and this time with partner Virrayut in the quarter finals. Once again, the game was stretched to deuce but they just did not have the tenacity to finish off the game.

Aaron and Hong Seng walked home with a medal and RM80 cash voucher each. Ryan on the other hand went home with a pocket full of cash from his industry as a lines-man. The coach gave encouragement to the boys to keep their spirits up but we knew in our hearts kind words were not enough. Having stripped bare their weaknesses for the opponents to see, the boys have to go back and work doubly hard to fine tune areas in their game which needed improvement.

Boys Singles Under 10
1st Round        : Aaron (Wira Tangkis) vs Marcus Tan (Le Champ)                            21 – 15, 27 – 25                  
2nd Round       : Aaron (Wira Tangkis) vs Cheong Min Hao (Cheong Wen)               21 –   2, 21 –  3 
3rd Round        : Aaron (Wira Tangkis) vs Chai Jing Chuong (RLBC)                        21 – 13, 21 –  8
4th Round        : Aaron (Wira Tangkis) vs Victor Wong (5/8)  (WKY)                       21 –   8, 21 – 15
Quarter Final   : Aaron (Wira Tangkis) vs Yap Juin An (3/4) (Twin Sports)               12 – 21, 16 – 21                  

Boys Singles Under 12
1st Round        : Ryan (Wira Tangkis) vs Kwan Kian Heng                                    Walkover                              
2nd Round       : Ryan (Wira Tangkis) vs Muhd Haikal Shaiifuddin                      21 – 18, 21 – 17
3rd Round        : Ryan (Wira Tangkis) vs Jamey Ong (3/4) (Perlis BA)                      11 – 21, 20 – 22

Boys Doubles Under 10    
1st Round        : Aaron/Hong Seng (1) (WT)  vs Bye
2nd Round       : Aaron/Hong Seng (1) (WT) vs Koh/Koh (WKY)                         21 –   6, 21 – 13
Quarter Final   : Aaron/Hong Seng (1) (WT) vs David/Kevin (SSBA)                  21 – 11, 21 – 19
Semi Final       : Aaron/Hong Seng (1) (WT) vs Vin Sean/Yang Feng (SSBA)  19 – 21, 15 – 21

Boys Doubles Under 12    
1st Round        : Ryan/Darren (WT)  vs Bye
2nd Round       : Ryan/Darren (WT)  vs Chai JY/Mohd Izzmir (RLBC)                21 – 19, 21 – 12
Quarter Final  : Ryan/Darren (WT)  vs Jamey Ong/Virrayut (Perlis BA)                    23 – 25,   8 – 21

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