Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Ryan & Aaron's last hurrah in 2013

The final tournament of the year ended in a disappointing finish for the boys. They were obviously exhausted from the strings of non-stop tournaments for the past one month. Even the jaded world no. 1 Lee Chong Wei conceded defeat to Kenichi Tago for the first time after a grueling back to back super series tournaments in Europe.

The tell tale signs were there as Ryan was nagging about his muscle fatigue on his ankle and calf since his Ipoh trip. Only now will he be able to take a deserved rest. As the curtain closes on 2013, we will take stock on the bitter sweet memories of our journey throughout the year.

We did right by making a difficult decision to move out of MBA. Be that as it may, our gratitude to the MBA coaches shall never cease. We also invested quite abit into private coaching although it is still in an infancy stage, we were very encouraged by the prospect of it whereby, Aaron was within a point short to become Champion in the Merdeka Challenge by Times BA. The boys also began to savour more podium finishes in the doubles category as well. 

On the other side of the coin, we as parents also shared the agony of Aaron’s ankle injury. We pray that we will never have to endure to see our sons suffer like that ever again. We also had to make an emotional decision to stop their violin classes after their 3rd grade exam in August. They can henceforth fully focussed on their first passion.

I guess the highlight in 2013 has been the successful entry into the Putrajaya state team. No doubt I admit they may not measure up with the top lot, but the opportunity to immersed themselves in top tier National Junior Circuit will definitely give them a new dimension to their badminton game.

So there you have it for 2013. Onward now 2014.        

Boys Singles Under 11
1st Round        : Aaron vs Wong Yee Zheng                    30 – 17                                 
2nd Round       : Aaron vs Muazzam Danish                    12 – 30

1st Round        : Ryan vs Tan Ming Yue                            30 – 20
2nd Round       : Ryan vs Edmund On                               24 – 30
Boys Doubles Under 11    
1st Round        : Ryan/Aaron vs Alex/Johnson                                 Walkover
2nd Round       : Ryan/Aaron vs Tan Ming Yue/Chong Ee Jack      23 – 30

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