Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Training Hours

Training Hours History

The boys took a 5 day break during Christmas this year for a holiday at Legoland. Looking back, 5 day break is rare. The other being in January whereby Ryan skipped 5 days when my Matrix was involved in an accident. Not even during their exam months, their breaks were 3 days in a row, never more. Even during these breaks, the boys will be involved in off court exercises eg. jogging, skipping, leg and foot exercises, video reviews etc.

The only time when Aaron took a break longer than 5 days was when he suffered an ankle injury back in September. What you dont see in this graph is that Aaron has actually lost close to 35 training hours because of this.

The decisive moment in 2013 was when we started training in Wira Tangkis club in May. This move has paved way for the boys to admit successfully into Persatuan Badminton Putrajaya in 2014.

We can see in the last 5 months, court hours has dropped mainly because the boys were engaged in private trainings (green bar). The hours may be shorter, but the intensity was certainly higher.

Also in November and December, the boys participated in seven tournaments consecutively which took away some training hours as well.

Finally, 2013 ended with a cresendo when Persatuan Badminton Putrajaya hosted the National Circuit Finals in Precinct 11. I enjoyed high level badminton displayed by the likes of Chong Wei Feng, Tan Chun Seang, Ramdan Misbun, Goh V Shem, Lim Kim Wah etc.

I like to specially thank all the coaches for their support and dedication, whom have contributed to the boys' development one way or another.

Merry Christmas.

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