Monday, 13 May 2013


On 11th May 2013, the boys participated in their annual school tournament and for the first time tasted success with both bagging their titles in their age groups respectively. However, their victory was somewhat hollow because both the school’s No.1 player, Ooi Zhin Yang (12) and No. 2 player, Lee Jia Quan (11) did not participate. It was like a BWF Super Series without Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan and the boys knew it.

The results of this tournament albeit much of a breeze for the boys, cement their positions as top 3 singles in their school team. Defending champion, Ooi Zhin Yang will not feature in the Harcroft school team anymore as he will eventually move to Secondary School next year.  

Until the next MSSD in 2014, Jia Quan is still at the helm while both brothers play second fiddle to him unless either one of the brothers can turn the cards on him in the coming months. In 2015, with Ryan and Jia Quan moving on the secondary school, Aaron remains firm favourite to lead the school team unless a worthy challenger emerge. 

Since Aaron has still a good two years ahead of him, we continue to prepare him for the state level. But first, he needs to build his resume by bagging more titles in the coming tournaments and we are all excited for him.

Boys Singles Under 10 Years Old
1st Round        Aaron Wong (4K) vs Bye                       
2nd Round       Aaron Wong (4K) vs Lew Seng Hee (4K)             21 - 2
Quarter Final :   Aaron Wong (4K) vs Tan Chen Hang (4U)            21 - 2
Semi Final    :   Aaron Wong (4K) vs Ryan Lim (4G)                    21 - 3
Final             :   Aaron Wong (4K) vs Tan Jae Yang (4P)              21 - 11

Boys Singles Under 11 Years Old
1st Round        Ryan Wong (5G) vs bye
2nd Round :       Ryan Wong (5G) vs Ng Yu Xuan (5H)                   21 - 0
3rd Round  :       Ryan Wong (5G) vs Albert Lee (5P)                     21 - 5
Quarter Final :   Ryan Wong (5G) vs Ding Koon Yeat (5G)             21 - 3
Semi Final    :   Ryan Wong (5G) vs Owen Lee (5K)                      21 - 4
Final             :   Ryan Wong (5G) vs Wong Yen Chik (5E)             21 - 11

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