Sunday, 12 May 2013


We compiled some guidelines with key words to aid the boys in a series of mid year tournaments coming their way. This time we dwell more into the arts and science of the game and to rehearse these key points mentally :

1)                 Prepare your match mentally by visualizing all the good shots you have done before.Carry this good feeling with you into the match.

2)                 Don’t rush your serves. Take your time. Plan your next shot when your opponent returns your serve.

3)                 Think about your footwork. Are you doing little bounce in your steps so as you can change direction faster?

4)                 Play different shots to surprise your opponent.
(a)  Long Serves (80%) and Short Serves (20%).
(b)  Fast Power Drives (FLAT) and Placing Shots (6 corners).
(c)  Net Tumble Drops and Baseline Shots.
(d)  Cross Chops and Smashes.
(e)  Trick Shots (double wrist action).

5)                 When you make too many errors, take a break. Breath slowly to calm yourself down and control your emotions. Then go back step 2.

6)                 Remember the basics :
(a)  Remember to attack his back hand.
(b)  Control your strength depending on the speed of the shuttle.
(c)  No short and high half-court serves.
(d)  Avoid back hand shots by using overhead shots.
(e)  Always play low net drops with your back hand.

7)                 Play smoothly with nice flow and rhythm like a beautiful music to get into the “zone”.

8)                 Say a prayer and enjoy your game.

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