Monday, 27 May 2013


Lithe Ryan enroute to third round
Mid year school holidays are here. There are a series of club tournaments coming our way and I thought these would be good opportunities to break away from their training routine and also to bench mark the boys against external competition. 

Beginning with HKC Sports, a private sports equipment outfit organized a junior tournament held in DBKL Badminton Hall, Kampung Baru Cheras. They contested only two categories, boys under 12 and boys under 16.

Although Aaron being 10 was disadvantaged by the age gap but we wanted to develop his competition experience. Sadly, he was taken down on the first round by a crafty Amirul Arazi 20 - 30. He was let down again by his unsteady nerves when Amirul pressed him back to the baseline and countered by deft nets.

Ryan had a bit of a good run up to third round but he was dismantled by the hard smashing Radin Muhd 24 – 30 despite soldiering for 24 consolation points. Ryan’s footwork improved visibly albeit a painfully slow process. His nightly foot exercises caused some slight aches on his calf muscles but after a few days rest, he should be able to resume the exercises.

Next will be the SP Setia 6th Annual Badminton Tournament. Stay tuned.

Boys Singles Under 12 Years Old
1st Round   :       Aaron Wong vs Amirul Arazi                   20 - 30             

Boys Singles Under 12 Years Old
1st Round  :        Ryan Wong vs Lai Meng Hui                   30 - 10 
2nd Round :        Ryan Wong vs Tan Khai Jie                    30 - 18
3rd Round  :        Ryan Wong vs Radin Muhd                    24 - 30

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  1. Note:

    Champion Boys Under 12 is Lim Thian Loong from Success Shuttler Badminton Academy.

    Runner up is Hafiszuddin from Exzel Badminton Academy.