Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Q1 2013 REVIEW

Despite all the schooling, extra curricular activities, academic tuitions & violin lessons, the boys were still able to put decent hours into the court for Q1 in 2013. This unfortunately was at the expense of some weekend masses and one Sunday school class skipped, which I am not proud of.

Despite the drop in court hours in Q1(2013) vs. Q4 (during 2012 year end holidays) which is expected, their attendance for training sessions were commendable despite their ultra tight schedules.

Year                                  2012                            2013
Month                   Oct       Nov       Dec      Jan       Feb       Mar
Court Hours           54         72       109        78         58        74
No. Sessions         22         25        36         30         24        27 

Aaron continues to make rapid progress which we can see from the results of competitive matches he participated in 2013. See below ala BWF style.

                      RYAN                      AARON
   PLAY   WIN   LOST% wins   PLAY   WIN   LOST% wins
Career     25    15     1060%     22    15      768%
2013      3     1      233%      6     5      183%

Ryan on the other hand, learning curve began leveling out. In one of my conversation with Coach Alex to address Ryan’s footwork, he suggested to inject short distance sprinting into his training diet. I took his advice and started the boys with 100m sprints at the Bukit Jalil Sports School track. In their first session, Aaron clocked a respectable 18 secs and Ryan about 2 secs slower. This may be early days but I was determined to break Ryan’s shackles even if I had to sacrifice my badminton matches every Thursdays (arrrgh).

The boys will be sitting for their first term school exams in April and we expect some loss in training hours. What we are more anxious is how they fair in their exams amidst all the hectic activities. We shall see.

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