Tuesday, 9 April 2013


MBA Semi-Finalist and Coach Andre (L), Erik & Alex (R)
This junior tournament was organized by Times Badminton Academy. In support of their new courts launching in Kepong, MBA sent their full force of over 50 participants.

Aaron continues to make great strides in the boy’s singles under 10 category. In his semi final match, he lost only by a whisker 29 – 30 to allow Daryl Foo of Pei Chai Chinese School PJ to squeeze past him into final and became the champion. It was such a satisfaction to see Aaron played with so much confidence and elegance so much so that I did not interfere with his games en route to the semi-final.

Ryan finds it tough going in the under 12 category went down fighting in the second round after receiving a first round bye. His court coverage was felt wanting as can be seen from his net play was mostly out of reach. We were really puzzled with his lackluster performance of late.

For doubles, the coaches decided to split the boys up which I though was a good move for a change. Aaron partnered Chai Chun Hong both 10 years old while Ryan paired with Daniel Yee, who is 12 years old. Surprisingly, the younger pairings were the ones who put together a good run until quarter finals.

Although Ryan and Daniel had a free passage to the 3rd round but their challenge fizzled out with a rather disappointing performance.

I think Aaron caught much positive vibes from his partner Chai Chun Hong who was the runner-up in the previous 13th Inter-MBA tournament last Dec 2012. Both had a natural chemistry to blend together and it was a delight to see them psyched themselves up while enjoying their tournament. 

Ryan’s glaring lack of footwork speed was troubling. He seemed resigned despite trying his best but the fact was his best was not enough. We are still putting special emphasis in this area in his trainings even if he needed more time to get it right.

Boys Singles Under 10 Years Old
1st Round  :        Aaron Wong vs Goh Sheng Feng           30 - 8               
2nd Round  :       Aaron Wong vs Vikash                          30 - 13
3rd Round  :        Aaron Wong vs Kelvin Ng Hoe Tao         30 - 10
Quarter Final :    Aaron Wong vs Hooi Shao Herng            30 - 21
Semi Final :       Aaron Wong vs Daryl Foo Kit Haan         29 - 30

Boys Singles Under 12 Years Old
1st Round :         Ryan Wong vs bye
2nd Round :        Ryan Wong vs Chong Ee Jack                 25 - 30

Boys Doubles Under 12 Years Old
1st Round :         Chun Hong/Aaron vs Chan Jun Hang/Choy Hen Mann       30 - 27
2nd Round  :       Chun Hong/Aaron vs Hiau Zhew Hao/Chong Ee Jack         30 - 22
3rd Round :         Chun Hong/Aaron vs Brian Aw/Chong Jia Hao                  30 - 22
Quarter Final :    Chun Hong/Aaron vs Tan Jia Jie/Lim Chun Yeh                 22 - 30

1st Round :         Daniel Yee/Ryan vs Bye
2nd Round  :       Daniel Yee/Ryan vs Teh Jin Hong/Ooi Yi Hong                  Walkover
3rd Round :        Daniel Yee/Ryan vs Lee Kin Lik/Loo Yu Qang                   21 - 30

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  1. Results :

    Boys Singles Under 10
    Champion : Daryl Foo
    Runner up : Low Hong Seng

    Boys Singles Under 12
    Champion : Wah Jia Wei
    Runner up : Howard Soh