Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pertandingan Badminton MSSD 2013 Bawah 12 Tahun DAERAH PETALING PERDANA

Sekolah Rendah Cina Ladang Harcroft Puchong School Badminton Team
Majlis Sukan Sekolah peringkat Daerah (MSSD) for Petaling Perdana district has about 84 primary schools taking part in the under 12 years of age category.  This year, the boys represented their school badminton team (SRC Ladang Harcroft) as second doubles. The tournament is held in Suria Sports Badminton Centre in USJ1 with 30 full premium taraflex courts.

The boys had it easy in the first four rounds and found themselves in the quarter finals. They were up against an unbalanced malay pairing of Muazzam and Hussein from Sekolah Kebangsaan Subang. Muazzam seemed to be stronger between the two players does most of the job covering his baseline very tightly with strong smashes and side line placing whereas Hussein was in front of the net contributing at most 35% of their game.

The boys tactically failed to recognize the weaker of the two opponents and fell into Muazzam’s stinging smashes and pin point drops. Before Ryan & Aaron realized it, they had already lost their composure and succumb to their opponent 21 – 30.
Nevertheless, SRC Ladang Harcroft has something to cheer about because they had three finalist in this tournament. State player, Ooi Zhin Yang became Champion in the singles as well as the doubles with Lee Jie Quan,  whereas the girls doubles, ended runners up. The final results here:

Boys Singles Champion             - Ooi Zhin Yang (SRC Ladang Harcroft, Puchong)
Boys Singles Runners Up           - Muazzam Danish (Sekolah Kebangsaan Subang)

Boys Doubles Champion            - Ooi Zhin Yang/Lee Jie Quan (SRC Ladang Harcroft. Puchong)
Boys Doubles Runners Up          - (SRC Lik Hang, Puchong)

Girls Singles Champion              - SRC Han Ming, Puchong
Girls Singles Runners Up            - Sekolah Seri Serdang

Girls Doubles Champion              - Sekolah Seri Serdang
Girls Doubles Runners Up           - Tan Chi Yi/Low Zhi Wei (SRC Ladang Harcroft, Puchong)

Boys Doubles Under 12 Years Old
1st Round :        Ryan/Aaron (Harcroft) vs Bye     
2nd Round       Ryan/Aaron (Harcroft) vs TekWH/ChinMH (Serdang Baru 2)           30 - 14
3rd Round :        Ryan/Aaron (Harcroft) vs Zariff/Hafizuddin (Puchong Perdana)        30 - 11
4th Round :        Ryan/Aaron (Harcroft) vs Amir/Nur Farhan (Sek 17 – 1)                 30 - 16
Quarter Final :   Ryan/Aaron (Harcroft) vs Muazzam/Hussein (SK Subang)             21 - 30

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