Thursday, 9 April 2015

MSSM 2015

This year’s MSSM badminton is held in Arena 89 Klang. Only state finalists are automatic qualifiers in this national school annual games funded by the Ministry of Education.

Already there were familiar faces in the draw, many of which have participated in the BAM organised National Junior Circuit 1st Leg  held two month back. There were some big upsets notably , Circuit Zone B champion, Liew Xuan (Jh) was cast aside in the opening round by a Malaccan debutant, Ng Yaw Pin (Mk).

 Zone B Runners-Up, Pahang ace, Chia Jeng Hon (Ph) was also in the casualty list, dismantled by another Malaccan rival, Yong Bing Yan (Mk) in the second round. The thing about school coaches cum care takers which has been the talking point here, was that the cikgus were not their regular coaches and therefore fell short of bringing the best out of the players.

While some hearts were broken, entry warriors like Ng Yaw Pin (Mk)  and Anson Cheong (Pk) have begun to get noticed after reaching the semi-finals. But none were more outstanding than the formidable Ong Zhen Yi (Pg) as he stood on the top podium and has consistently been doing so.

Aaron was unfortunately in the war path of Ng Yaw Pin and was visibly not at his best. It could have been due to fatigue after competing in the TM Sports tournament especially after the gruelling final match with his Putrajaya club mate, Haris Sufian.

Nevertheless, this has been an interesting precursor to the National Junior Circuit 2nd Leg which will be held in Malacca next month since the top two finalist of the first leg has been toppled. This has given a huge psychological boost to the chasing pack which could throw the championship race wide open.  

PL Bawah 12

Pusingan  1 :       Aaron Wong (PJ)vs Soh Chin Sze (Ps)                      21- 14, 21 - 12

Pusingan  2 :       Aaron Wong (PJ) vs Ng Yaw Pin (Mk)                      9 - 21, 13 - 21

BL Bawah 12

Pusingan  1 :       Aaron / Jie Yang (PJ)vs Kang KX / Kang WS (Kn)  21- 16, 21 - 17

Pusingan  2 :       Aaron / Jie Yang (PJ) vs Joshua/ Pui WY (Sk)         21 - 15, 10 – 21, 12 – 21

The rest of the results here...

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