Sunday, 15 March 2015

Kejohanan Badminton Terbuka Remaja TM Sports 2015

L to R : Kelvin, Hadrian, Aaron & Haris

I was hesitant to enroll the boys for this tournament because firstly, it overlaps with Aaron’s MSSM. However, the club coach encouraged us to go for it as the Protech sponsored prizes were attractive. Although both venues are about 15 minutes apart in Klang, it will require some astute planning to orchestrate a delay in the quarter final as this game clashed with his first round contest in MSSM.

His 2nd title of the year

Secondly, this also meant that I will had to forego my company’s annual badminton games in University Malaya, all held on the same time and day on Sunday 15th of March. Can the boys ever understand how much sacrifice their dad had to go through just for their badminton sake?

Fortunately, despite all the anxiety and mad driving around Klang Bt Tinggi area, Aaron rewarded me with his second title of the year as he pocketed RM150, a Protech racquet, a badminton bag, a winners cert and a nice medal.

Ryan’s performance woes continues this year as he failed to get pass his Putrajaya team mate Rahman in the first round of the U14 category. He was equally frustrated and wanted to give up badminton. I had to think hard about his way ahead but after consulting with my wife, we decided to take him off external trainings for now but still train him on our own. He will have to stop going for competitive tournaments this year before he self destruct. We will assess his situation again at the end of the year.

Contrastingly, Aaron’s trail is blazing as he is at his peak in his U12 category this year. He will have to grind on to prepare for his Jr Circuit 2nd leg coming up in mid April and a very possible opportunity to book a place in the National Jr Grand Prix sometime in the middle of the year. So his job is far from over for now.


1st Round :           Aaron vs Dylan Yeoh                      30 – 16

2nd Round :          Aaron vs A Vinash                           30 – 19

3nd Round :          Aaron vs Wong Khee Chun             30 – 6

Qtr Final :             Aaron vs Santos                               30 – 12

Semi Final :         Aaron vs Kevin Liew                        21 -8, 21 - 14

Final                       Aaron vs Haris Sufian                    21 - 17, 21 - 14 
1st Round :           Ryan vs Rahman                               28 – 30

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