Friday, 10 October 2014


It is already a foregone conclusion now that there is an obvious difference in levels between both brothers. Aaron being a gifted player has consistently outplayed Ryan for months now. The younger sibling has advantage in speed, court coverage and skill.  Their routine sparring will require Aaron to give at least 6 to 8 handicap points to Ryan. As Aaron is progressing well, we are constantly reviewing the approach on the quality of his training programmes so as not to restrict the development of his talent. 
Aaron turn 11 on Oct 2014
This realization was a case in point in the recent concluded USJ23 Junior Tournament whereby Aaron was tipped to meet Muhd Atef Haikal in the third round. Atef Haikal is the National Junior GP semi-finalist whereby Aaron almost produced an upset. Aaron matched the Selangor ace all the way until half way, he was trailing 14 – 15. Subsequently both were fighting tooth and nail until Aaron led 29 -27 with only one solitary point to close the game off with a historic win. Wrong! Aaron conceded 3 unforced errors consecutively to hand the match over to the much bemused Selangor state player.

Despite his agonising defeat, the match however has raised many eyebrows as Aaron almost toppled the more fancied player. The elders knew full well that little Aaron has another year to his advantage as he just turned 11 on October 2014. Atef Haikal went on to the final but subsequently fell to Yap Juin An of Yap Twin Sport. Enroute to the final, the formidable Yap  Juin An overpowered Ryan earlier in the round, 30 -25.
The next 4 months before the 2015 MSSD, will be a telling revelation as to how much more Aaron can develop his game further. As it is now, he is already making dents on the armour of top notch state players. How sharp his battle axe is will depends on how he grinds it.  It will boils down to the quality of his trainings henceforth.  


1st Round - Ryan vs Bye

2nd Round – Ryan vs Yap Juin An                              25 – 30

1st Round – Aaron vs Bye

2nd Round – Aaron vs Chong Zheng Yang                30 - 15

Qtr Final – Aaron vs Muhd Atef Haikal                    29 – 30

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