Monday, 20 October 2014


I was critical with the way some tournament organisers ignored fundamental guidelines regarding draws. To me it reflects the lack of empathy these organisers have regarding players welfare. At the very least, open tournaments must identify state players from the rest. I have made my assertions to seed these players so as to avoid matches worthy of a final to occur in the early rounds. Otherwise, open draws will be very much a tournament of chance.
A look at the lob-sided draw in U11 this month had me fuming as Aaron was drawn in the same half with two state players, whereas the other half was virtually an express lane to artificial glory. How is it that the organisers could turn a blind eye on this flaw although they have an archive of all previous results published in their own website at their disposal?

I dont need a crystal ball to predict how Aaron’s tournament is going to end. In the quarters, he has an outside chance to get the better of Chia Jeng Hon (Pahang) whom would have been the first seed. Nevertheless, we can draw some positives out of this game. He can match the Pahang ace now in his racquet craft but still lacks the astuteness for the final kill. He is still a little short on big-match temperament.

Back to the draw, it is my fervent hope that  tournament organisers will give this a serious thought. I am sure many participants and parents will support the adoption of the seeding system (where ever possible) to bring equity and quality to grassroots badminton in Malaysia.

1st Preliminary – Aaron vs  Frederico Jonathan      30 – 12
2nd Preliminary – Aaron vs Hadrian Soh                   30 – 21
Qtr Final – Aaron vs Chia Jeng Hon (Ph)                  16 – 21, 12 – 21


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    1. Thank you for your suggestion. Indeed I have some plans to do a feature but as always I procrastinated lol. Getting a good camera is one and getting it all into a package is another. Maybe when I get a less demanding job, I may just be able to realise it. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Are your 2 boys going to compete at the coming Terbuka Remaja MSSWPKL 2014 on 22 nd and 23rd Nov. 2014?

    1. Hello Franc, yes if we can make it before the closing date.