Sunday, 10 August 2014


1) Just before going into the game;

Before : Remember his back hand, watch his drops, stay on your toes, on and on....

Now (Aaron) : Just Relax and be patient.

Now (Ryan)  : Cover your front net and cut off the noob serve.

2) During the match intervals;

Before : You got to play more aggressive, play faster, smash harder etc.

Now     : You are playing at only 85%. Put in 5% more.

3) During the match breaks;

Before : He also makes lots of mistakes.

Now     : He is only 4 to 5 stroke player. You can play 7 to 8 strokes. Just stay with
             him and let him make mistakes.

4) Aaron’s poor long service;

Before : Half court.

Now     : Press him to the back.

5) Emphasis;

Before : Speed and Power

Now     : Speed.

6) Advice against a better player;

Before : Dont worry. Take it as an experience.

Now     : I want to see you fight to the very end.

7) After losing;

Before : Its ok. Try harder next time.

Now     : Tell my why you lost today?

8) Private a.k.a for Ryan; Champion of the Noobs.

    Private a.k.a for Aaron; The nearly boy.

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