Sunday, 24 August 2014


Is an expected period whereby Malaysian singles department will very likely be forgotten in the International scene. This will come very soon for the men singles. In fact, it is already happening now in the women singles.  In the absence of Sonia Cheah still nursing injury, our country relies its best women shuttler in Tee Jing Yi rank 35 in the world and she will unlikely be making much progress in her ranking any more.

Taking away the World No. 1 equation, Malaysia do not have any men singles player except for the scrawny Chong Wei Feng rank 19 now and is also seemed unlikely to break into the top 10 ever. The signs were already showing. In the recently concluded Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Malaysia failed to retain the gold medal in men singles competition after winning 6 consecutive competitions since 1990.  
If we dig deeper, now this is the worrying part, non in the inventory of BAM or Private outfits have any players who are worthy to be tagged as potential top 10 hopefuls, let alone taking over the shoes of LCW. Our juniors disappointingly, after crossing the age threshold of 19 years seemed to disappear into oblivion.

We now have to accept the bitter truth. In time to come and this may be as soon as LCW steps down, Malaysian badminton will languish behind the second tier countries ie. Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany etc. Remember, we were once standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of China and Indonesia. We were also ahead of Denmark, Korea, Japan and India. Not anymore. So brace yourself as the dark age in Malaysian badminton is upon us very soon.

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