Wednesday, 18 September 2013

September : Frustrating Month

September was a frustrating month. Somehow, the club training intensity has dampened due to circumstances beyond my control and the boys were not getting the benefit they needed. I tried to salvage the quality of training by supplementing them with our own private sessions in Bukit Jalil but an unexpected shoulder injury from my routine badminton session has hampered my right arm movement.  A harsh reminder that age is catching up. My wife was also busy with her work schedules and her long term knee problem has not got any better.
Already Aaron has lost about half of the training hours due to his nasty ankle injury sustained in the beginning of the month. As at the end of September, he is still not 100% and cannot be loaded yet. To top it all off, the school final academic exams are in early October. So some training days will be sacrificed in the last weeks of September and just as well for the boys to rest their aching muscles. Why not? Afterall, its already a frustrating month.  

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