Monday, 9 September 2013

Lateral Ankle Sprain

We hope Aaron will have a speedy recovery
The injury jinx befell Aaron again. This time he twisted the outside of his right ankle ala Lee Chong Wei style during his training session last Saturday at MBA. The boys were to take part in their school ranking match later that morning but this unfortunate incident meant the much awaited match with Lee Jia Quan will have to be put in the back burner for now. Instead Ryan will have his opportunity to take on the Harcroft Number 1. Despite Ryan leading 15-14 before the change over, he lost steam in the second half and went down 18 – 30 to a more polished player.

After Aaron’s injury was examined by a sinseh, he was advised to rest for a week or two. The swell and pain was getting to him as he has low tolerance for pain. This was a big blow to his training programme, especially knowing that the major tournaments were just around the corner. I wasted no time to start Aaron on his ankle rehabilitation, exhausting all traditional and home remedy treatments I can think of, scouring youtube and internet 'How-Tos" on ankle massages and remedies available. 

It will be a race against time now.

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