Monday, 24 June 2013


This year unexpectedly, USJ23 invited both MBA and Wira Tangkis at the eleventh hour to fill in the shortfall of participants. I was in a dilemma as to who the boys should represent since they now attend trainings in both venues. In truth, I had already registered the boys privately long before MBA & Wira Tangkis were requested to populate the shortfall of entries especially in the girl’s category. So in order not to stir things up, I instructed the boys to adopt neutrality and not to lean too heavily on either side.

Aaron's got the better of Chun Hong
Aaron started his campaign with a winning note against Wong Vinsen to face-off with his fellow  MBA mate Chai Chun Hong in the second round. This was a much anticipated match for many observers in MBA because the fast improving Aaron has been making lots of dents in Chun Hong’s armour during  their unofficial sparring matches. So it was no surprise that this must-see match for many of us.
Both players started off taking turns inching forward point for point. Aaron took a slim lead during the changeover. After the interval, it was clear the fitter between the two made lesser errors.  Aaron raced to the end with a convincing victory 30 – 18 to earn him Intermediate level bragging rights. 
However, his campaign came to an end in the next round when he met Muhd Atef Haikal, a controversial entry because information in the internet revealed this player’s name was registered with BAM with DOB 2002, which means he was overaged (if he is the same player as in the list of BAM registered players). However, the organiser did not acknowledge my e-mail which acquiesce his entry. Nevertheless, Aaron put up a gallant fight to go down 25 – 30. There was no shame in his defeat because he went down fighting his heart out! What made me more suspicious was that Muhd Atef Haikal went all the way to the final to win the boys U10 title beating Teoh Hong Kai in straight sets. Incidentally, Aaron has beaten Hong Kai before in the recent Setia Tournament. The story would be so different if Aaron had been drawn to play with another player in the third round. His title remains elusive and he will have to wait a little longer for it in the next under 10 tournament in 20th July.

Ryan in action with Muhd Izzmir
 Ryan surprised us with his quarter final entry but his journey there was not an easy one.  He barely scraped through in his first and third round matches winning by the slimmest of margins. However, the last eight proved too much for him as he gave his game away tamely to the slick Manfred Chow 14 – 30.  Should he have won, he would have met his school mate Ooi Zhin Yang in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, he was miles away from the Wira Tangkis number one player. Zhin Yang marched on to win the USJ23 U12 title.
Next, the 14th MBA Home Tournament. Stay tuned!  

Boys Singles Under 10
1st ROUND :         Aaron Wong vs Wong Vinsen                                     30 - 18
2nd ROUND :        Aaron Wong vs Chai Chun Hong                                 30 - 18
3rd ROUND :        Aaron Wong vs Muhd Atef Haikal                               25 - 30

Boys Singles Under 12
1st ROUND :         Ryan Wong vs Muhd Izzmir                                         30 - 28
2nd ROUND :        Ryan Wong vs Hazim Naquiddin                                 30 - 20
3rd ROUND :        Ryan Wong vs Muhd Farhan Arif                                 30 - 29
Quarter Final :   Ryan Wong vs Manfred Chow                                       14 - 30


  1. Boys Singles Under 10 Final

    Champion : Muhd Atef Haikal
    Runners-up : Teoh Hong Kai

    Boys Singles Under 12 Final

    Champion : Ooi Zhin Yang
    Runners-up : Ho Ka Tim

  2. Heres from BAM list of Selangor State Players