Sunday, 30 June 2013


Aaron nailed it finally!
 Aaron has finally nailed it! He has beaten defending champion, Darren Tan, his second title to date.
It was exactly one year ago after the 12th Inter-MBA Tournament, spurred by the boy’s encouraging results, we started the boys to train seriously and today, Aaron’s victory is the testament to all our family’s one year of tireless effort to get the boys where they are today.
Aaron was lucky to have a free passage all the way to the Quarter Final. He had his nerve tested early by a strong hitting Tay Zhao Jun from Taman Megah.  However, Aaron prevailed and won. In the semi-final against Tan Chi Hong aka dinosaur despite being three years his senior, Aaron had not much trouble apart from Chi Hong's close net play.

Ryan cant match the speed of Darren

In the final, Aaron raced ahead by some large margin due to Darren’s uncharacteristic unforced errors. He won his first set by an unexpected large margin 21 - 5. In the second set, Darren tried to come back but Aaron stood his ground and won 21 - 12 to claim his victory. 
Ryan was seeded No. 8, unlike his younger brother, had to battle his way from round 1. When he crossed swords with the defending champion in the quarter final, he ran out of steam and lost to the diminutive no. 1 seed.
That evening, we celebrated with a hearthy Japanese meal of Aaron’s choice followed by a movie “White House Down” to unwind the boys. The next day, they were back to serious training. I spoke to Aaron not to be carried away by this success. This is only but the beginning. He had to keep his focus on achieveing his targets next year. To close the gap with his bench mark, Ooi Zhin Yang and to get into the National Circuit. 

The semi-finalist of 14th MBA Home Tournament 2013
  Intermediate Boys Singles Under 12
1st Round             :  Walkover
2nd Round            :  Walkover
3rd Round             :  Walkover
Quarter Final        : 3 Aaron Wong (Puchong) vs  5 Tay Zhao Jun (Tmn Megah)          30 - 25
Semi Final             : 3 Aaron Wong (Puchong) vs  7 Tan Chi Hong (Puchong)              21 – 17, 21 - 9
Final                      : 3 Aaron Wong (Puchong) vs  1 Darren Tan (Puchong)                  21 - 5, 21 – 12

1st Round             :  8 Ryan Wong (Puchong) vs Tan Lik Shin (Puchong)                        30 - 14
2nd Round            :  8 Ryan Wong (Puchong) vs Koi Zhen (Tmn Megah)                        30 -6
3rd Round             :  8 Ryan Wong (Puchong) vs Ngeow Dey Ren (Tmn Megah)            30 - 20
Quarter Final       :  8 Ryan Wong (Puchong) vs  1 Darren Tan (Puchong)                    16 – 30

Seeding :
1 Darren Tan (Puchong)
2 Chew Kuan Leong (Tmn Megah)
3 Aaron Wong (Puchong)
4 Roy Koh (Tmn Megah)
5 Tay Zhao Jun (Tmn Megah)
6 Chai Chun Hong (Puchong)

7 Tan Chi Hong (Puchong)
8 Ryan Wong (Puchong)

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  1. Results Boys Singles Under 12:

    Champion : 3 Aaron Wong (Puchong)
    Runner-Up : 1 Darren Tan (Puchong)
    Semi-Finalist : 6 Chai Chun Hong (Puchong)
    Semi-Finalist : 7 Tan Chi Hong (Puchong)