Monday, 12 November 2012

Superstition Bug

Aaron's Right Toe - why oh why?

The old wife’s superstition bug had bitten me or shall I say “beaten” me.  Have you ever encountered a paradoxical situation where the more you don’t want it to happen, the more it will happen?

I was cautioning Aaron to be mindful of keeping himself free from injuries. He is such a slapdash player,  I became paranoid of his welfare knowing that he is in the middle of a tournament month. Guess what? My worst fear came true. Today (Monday) he was limping out of the tuition centre with his toe skin torn. I went into overdrive! I cornered him demanding an answer how on earth he got such a freak injury? I realised later, no matter how I reprimanded him, I resigned to the fact that this week, he will lose some  training hours and worst of all, he may have to skip Hooi Yee Junior Tournament this Friday.  

If only I didn’t mention this at all, it would not have happened. Then again, it could have been worse? It really is beyond me to dwell into the powers of the unknown but here and now, it’s a race against time.

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