Tuesday, 27 November 2012


November had seen another record of 25 training days which averaged just below 6 times a week. This was almost like a full time occupation largely due to the school holidays and more significantly the encouragement by the MBA coaches.

As expected, it was a bustling month for the boys, having completed three tournaments with mixed results but more importantly, it had given the boys some valuable experiences to learn from. They were also unexpectedly plagued with the sinister stomach flu. The convalescence had put a slight dent on their tight training schedules but that did not dampen their spirits to focus on preparation for their tournaments.

The intensity of training had taken its toll on Ryan as his thigh muscles began to sore. Despite the discomfort, he put up with it bravely and was very absorbed in his trainings, on and off the court. Although he faired reasonably well in the Tournaments, his footwork remained painfully slow. I am convinced, if that part of his game could be sorted, it will release the shackles from his feet and raise his game a few notches higher.

Aaron was like a dark horse which could make or break a game in a tournament. The fragile state of Aaron’s management faculty, still required lots of therapy. We were hopeful to steer him in the right direction and gradually turn him into a champion material when he matures with his badminton.

As December approached, there was an air of excitement because the boys were anticipating their early Christmas presents from the UK when mummy returns from her holidays together with little Kiera whom we missed so much. 

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