Friday, 19 August 2016

Stringing our 20th Racket

Its a small milestone but what better way to mark it with a small present for Ryan. When the string on his weapon of choice, Yonex Nanospeed 990 snapped, I decided to give it a complete makeover with full epoxy treatment on the cracked segment of the frame and a complete paint respray and finished with clear coat. The grommets were replaced and strung with two lengths of recycled strings strung at 25 lbs (main) and 26 lbs (cross) at proportionate tension. Those using Taiwan Yonex will know the rated tension is no more than 24 lbs but I was risking it to test the strength of the epoxy glue. To my surprise, the racket held the tension well despite the cracked joint at 10 o'clock. Ryan gave me a sheepish smile with the new look of his racket asking me... "eh daddy, how you do it arr...?" For those who have been close to the boys may probably noticed Ryan has scaled down his training hours in favour of his ever increasing school homework in preparation for his "O" level exams. He still trains with Persatuan, the club and privately with Aaron and I. He has just broken his voice a few weeks ago and in transition of entering into teenagehood. I have started to inject 30mins of gymn exercises after their usual on court sessions. He certainly is growing up having a mind of his own. So the journey continues....

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