Wednesday, 6 July 2016

DIY Grommet Inserts

Note the 3 string overlap at the bottom insert.
Before tensioning but the plastic is still too soft. 

Aaron has a Protech Tangerine which suffered a collapsed in the frame between the 8th & 9th hole both sides of the racket. This is the highest stress point in any racket because of the shared strings between the mains and the cross. Sometimes, depends on the weave pattern, both holes have to withstand the tension of 3 overlap strings. Wish racket manufacturers can design rackets with stronger material on these points. I have carved out simple plastic grommet supports inserts to help stiffen the bridge between hole 8 & 9 made from shuttle tube plastic cover because it is soft and easy to cut into shape with a sissors. However this plastic material is still not strong enough to hold the string tension. I may have to source for alternative materials around the house. Maybe a CD cover? Any suggestions from the readers?

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