Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Protech Racket Repair

This grommetless racket has 5 strings and 10 knots strung at 18 to 21 Lbs proportionate tension.

Protech Legendary Grand - has seen better days. Its duties now relegated from competition to recreational use by my 6 year old daughter.

The frame cracked right through a string hole.
Close up on the inside after the DIY glue job.

DIY the logo stencil for a good measure.
Hi. I'm back after a 6 months hiatus due to outstation work commitments. Secondly, my pc was infected by ransomware which resulted in all my data being encrypted. I had to recover and update all lost data from my backup. Im still updating as I write. 

Anyway in my absence here, I have acquired a used stringing machine. This has occupied part of my time learning how to string the boys rackets. There will be another post for this.

One of the rackets which I bought last year, a Protech Legendary Grand, developed a crack on the frame at 10 o'clock. I love the feel of Protech rackets. Although it is light headed but with the longer and slimmer shaft, it gives a whippy feel about it. Unfortunately these rackets are fragile and need lots of care playing with it.

So Aaron clashed this new racket during his doubles sparring and what a waste to toss it away. So I decided to repair it using industrial '2 in 1' epoxy glue. Then I strung it using 5 offrun strings at proportional tension between 18 to 21 Lbs. Yes you heard that right. Thats 10 knots.The result are as in the pictorials above.

I dont expect this battle weary racket to last long anyway. It will be for Aaron to hone his stringing  skills and knotting techniques.

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