Thursday, 14 January 2016

2015 Training Stats

In 2015 incredibly the boys had quite a hectic training schedule which both my wife and I had to put up with.

They have occupied 302 days out of 365 days for training.
That works out to be 82.7%. On average, they train 5.79 days per week. Average training duration per session is 2+ hours but this is difficult to measure because some duration could be 3.5 hours but they may be idling due to the large group.

The highest training days per month were 28 days during Jan, Mar and Jul. The lowest was 17 days in Jun and this was during the mid year school break where Aaron also suffered ankle sprain and was resting and holidaying for 2 weeks. Note that tournament hours are included in the stats but off-court physical training eg. Jogging, sprinting etc. are not included.

Who did they train with?

29% of their training were with my wife and I.
14% were with private coaches.
49% were with Putrajaya.
9% were others eg. Astro Kasih, MSSD/M, sparring etc.

What sort of training is best?

Corrective training. We shoot video clips to playback where they'd gone wrong and we take it on court to focus on these. For the bad habits which are beyond us, thats where the private coaches come in to assist. For Putrajaya, its more of a requirement than anything but its good to keep their physical momentum going.

At this age where most kids are undergoing the transition to puberty, its more challenging to keep them disciplined. We will be looking for quality sparring groups and continue to build their skills and court temperament.

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