Saturday, 3 January 2015

7th MBA International Badminton Championship

The Wira Tangkis Team
 This will be our closing curtain tournament for 2014 and also befittingly the final tournament organised by MBA as the iconic Puchong badminton hall will be dismantled wef 1st Jan 2015 because the developer IOI is taking back the land lease for future commercial development. Since this is the birth place for the boy’s badminton back in 2011, It will be an emotional farewell for them as well as for the other players, coaches and parents.
There were quite a number of Indonesian players participating here courtesy of the Indonesian coaches from Surabaya. The other 3 main groups being PD Kidz BA, MBA as host and Wira Tangkis Badminton Club. Although the boys have left more than a year ago but their roots still run deep in MBA. The coaches, academy, parents, staff of MBA here are familiar with the boys and we always feel welcome here.

Aaron made a good account for himself putting on a commendable performance up to the Semi Finals before being halted by the Johorean ace, Muhd Affan Artabek which proved too hot to match up for him.
Earlier, Ryan was also halted by Muhd Affan in the quarter Finals. In the doubles, both brothers advance up to the quarter finals, falling to an Indonesian pair.

The tournament ended with a rousing dinner for players, coaches and parents. The highlight of the event was of course the prize giving and ended with a display of fireworks. The nostalgia of playing here in the courts of Puchong MBA will always etched in the memory and emotions of the boys and many others whom have made MBA a part of their lives. Thank you for being a big part of our badminton journey. We will miss you MBA.


1st Round             Aaron vs Kenny Chua                     30 – 22

2nd Round            Aaron vs Lee Kai Wen                    21 – 13, 21 – 7

Qtr Final               Aaron vs Mualana Perdana          21 – 19, 21 – 7

Semi Final            Aaron vs Muhd Affan                     9 – 21, 16 – 21


1st Round             Ryan vs Cheong Chien Shen        30 – 19

2nd Round            Ryan vs Lee Shan Chien                 30 – 13

Qtr Final               Ryan vs Muhd Affan                       7 – 21, 11 – 21



 1st Round            Ryan /Aaron  vs Chin Ri Hang/Teh Khai Je              21 – 4, 21 – 7

Qtr Final               Ryan/Aaron vs Alif Adabi/M Perdana                      19 – 21, 17 – 21

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