Tuesday, 9 December 2014

FZ Forza 2014

Lee Qi Hong (L) & Aaron Wong (R) with their cash winnings

The timing of this tournament clashed with a few state closed and ranking competition. Therefore quite a number of the top players had to skip this tournament.  This gave Aaron a free passage to the second round which he has no trouble moving on to the third.
Wong Han Sheng is an Forza top exponent and gave Aaron quite a resistant but Aaron managed to overcome this match to meet his Putrajaya teammate Azam next n the quarterfinal. Aaron has a favourable record over Azam and as expected he moved on to the semi-final to meet an unlikely challenger in Alvin Chia whom Aaron lost 2 years ago in the 2012 BAKTI tournament.
On paper, Alvin seem to have a slight edge but surprisingly in this game, Alvin did not play to his potential . Aaron seize this opportunity to even out their head-to-head record and suddenly found himself unexpectedly in the final and very motivated to win the top prize money of RM1,000.
In the final, he has to overcome a much improved Lee Qi Hong whom has been ranked as the top KLBA player for next year junior circuit. The match was tense with Aaron taking the early lead in the first half but Qi Hong caught up and snatched the first set away from Aaron’s grasp. In the second set, Qi Hong came in strongly tactically to catch Aaron at the base line. Aaron has no answer to the strong play by his cool opponent. With unforced errors after another, Qi Hong took the second set and with it the RM1,000 purse. Aaron had to settle for the runners-up with RM500 which is still a record winning for him.

There wasn’t much celebration here because we immediately had to work on switching his attention to the Putrajaya Closed tournament on the next day of what seem to be the most important tournament of the year. Both brothers need to finish in the top 4 will qualify into Persatuan Badminton Putrajaya as a ticket to play in 2015 Junior Circuit. More to come next.

1st Round – Aaron vs  Walkover

2nd Round – Aaron vs Akmal Aqil Edham                    30 – 14
3nd Round – Aaron vs Wong Han Sheng                      30 – 24

Quarter Final – Aaron vs Ahmad Azamuddin             21 – 23, 22 – 20
Semi Final – Aaron vs Alvin Chia                                   21 – 13, 21 – 19

Final  - Aaron vs Lee Qi Hong                                         19 – 21, 12 - 21 

1st Round – Aaron/Jie Yang vs Chee Zhe Yong/Harold Ong                           30 – 15

2nd Round – Aaron/Jie Yang vs Wong Han Sheng/Wong Jia Cheng              27 – 30

1st Round – Ryan/LLyeo Luaran vs Yeap Wei Yang/Ng Feng Sing                 30 – 24

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