Monday, 5 May 2014

MSSS 2014

MSSS 2014 in Sepang
Subsequent to the MSSD triumph, all 4 players from the Ladang Harcroft doubles finalist were called for centralized training in preparation for the MSSS competition (inter-Selangor district).  Unfortunately, Ryan was dropped from his partnership with Lee Jie Quan in favour of another singles finalist, Siow Zi Feng.  However,  Aaron and Jie Yang’s partnership were retained as second doubles because the coaches wanted to develop them for next year’s MSSD/S.

This year’s MSSS competition was held in Sepang but clashed with the National Junior Circuit 2nd Leg in Melaka. Therefore, both tournaments suffered some dilution of players – something which both BAM and Kementerian Pendidikan should have done better. In the end, the team lost their top singles player, Muazzam Danish to the Circuit. Petaling Perdana U12 boys team therefore comprised as follows :

First Singles        : Amirul Arazi
Second Singles : Siow Zi Feng
First Doubles      : Lee Jie Quan / Siow Zi Feng
Second Doubles : Aaron Wong / Tan Jie Yang

Aaron had to skip school for one week due to the centralized training in MBA, Puchong together with the other gender and age categories. On the hindsight, Ryan’s omission from MSSS was also a blessing in disguise as he avoided skipping his classes since he had to sit for his first term exams in the same week with MSSS. Ryan, like all 12 year olds, will be sitting for his UPSR this year.

The team had to stay in Sepang over 3 nights. Again I was unable to attend due to work exigencies, therefore my wife had to cover on my behalf.  Sadly, the results for Petaling Perdana team was disappointing. The first doubles crashed out in the first round. Aaron / Jie Yang had a first round  bye and won their second round. The next day, they met with their Putrajaya mates, Aziq & Rahman and went down after a closely fought battle in the second set.  Both singles also crashed out in the quarter finals. Thus Aaron’s MSSS journey ended rather unglamorously but from the coaches prediction, Aaron is favorite to be seeded top in 2015 Petaling Perdana MSSD. We shall see.  

Round 1   Aaron/Jie Yang PP           vs            Bye
Round 2   Aaron/Jie Yang PP           vs            Heng Mok Joo/Azam Fahmi SB   21 – 5, 21 - 12
Qtr Final  Aaron/Jie Yang PP           vs            Aziq Nabihan/Abdul RahmanHL   11 – 21, 24 - 26

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