Thursday, 10 April 2014

MSSD 2014

SRKC Ladang Harcroft Puchong - swept 3 titles
This year’s MSSD Petaling Perdana District was held in MBA, the boy’s old home training ground. The only regret I had was I could not attend their games due to my work commitments. Nevertheless, they were in good hands as their school teachers and PTA volunteers were there to see to their needs.

Since the school could only submit 2 names for U12 singles and 2 pairs for U12 doubles, Aaron was chosen ahead of his older brother to play second singles. Lee Jie Quan remained the first choice. In doubles, Ryan was paired up with Lee Jie Quan since they have some chemistry going on between them while Aaron was paired with Tan Jie Yang as second doubles.

Jie Quan/Ryan Boys U12 Doubles Champion
In the singles event, Jie Quan went all the way up to quarter final before he faltered under the hands of a Selangor player Muazzam Danish.  Aaron had a bye in the first round. In the second round he was drawn to play with his PutraJaya mate, Darren Tan. We did not expect Aaron to be troubled since he had a good winning streak against Darren of late. Unexpectedly, he did lose and terribly as well. We wondered how was it that he caught a Liew Darren syndrome. We suspected it could be due to a mild strain on both his knee.

Fortunately, the disappointment in his early elimination in singles was made up with good doubles performance with his partner Tan Jie Yang.  This 11 year old pair did the unexpected by eliminating all their opponents including top seed Muazzam/Arif in the semi finals to meet with their school’s top pair, Ryan/Jie Quan in the final.

Aaron/Jie Yang Boys U12 Runners Up
Enroute to final, Ryan/Jie Quan also upset the second seeded pair of Amirul Arazi/M Jazlan. The all Ladang Harcroft final gave big smiles to everyone in the school camp. The cheers did not stop here because over in the U12 girls category, the doubles final were again another all Ladang Harcroft affair. The icing on the cake was that we have also clinged the girls U12 singles title.

In the closing of day, we were in a daze of having SRKC Ladang Harcroft swept all 3 titles, Girls singles, Girls Doubles and Boys Doubles. Both doubles runner-ups pairs were also Ladang Harcroft’s. This has been the best MSSD badminton performance the school has ever produced and we were all very proud to have contributed to this success. The boys and girls were finally treated with Mc Donald’s for lunch by the school stewards and I’m sure the celebration euphoria will certainly linger a little longer in the coming weeks at school – and deservingly so.  

Round 1  Aaron LH       vs       Bye
Round 2 Aaron LH        vs       Darren Tan LGH           13 - 30

Round 1  Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Dhirran/Vignesh LM                                   30 – 6
Round 2  Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Zairi/Mohd Faiz PBP1                                30 – 17
Round 3  Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Ryan Chang/Wong Ting Xuan SRD B2         30 – 24
Round 4  Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Visnu Girioran/See Pei Shen Help               30 – 18
Quarter Final  Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Siow Zi Feng/Choong Jing Liang SRD B1  30 – 24
Semi Final      Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Muazzam/Arif Zafry SBG                 21 – 7, 21 - 13
Final              Aaron/Jie Yang LH        vs       Ryan/Jie Quan LH                          13 -21, 14 – 21

Round 1  Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Bye
Round 2  Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Tan Jun Hoe/Cheong Chien Shen CW          30 – 17
Round 3  Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Andrew Lau/Sie Yie Yu SRD B1                  30 – 12
Round 4  Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Kevin Lim/Eugene Phang Sri KL                  30 – 7
Quarter Final  Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Darren Tan/Brandon Ang LGH              30 – 9
Semi Final      Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Amirul Arazi/M Jazlan SBGB          21 – 9, 21 - 12   
Final              Ryan/Jie Quan LH         vs       Aaron/Jie Yang LH                         21 – 13, 21 - 14

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