Sunday, 23 February 2014


Wira Tangkis Clean Sweep. L to R : Darren, Aaron, Jie Quan & Jie Yang

This is the first tournament for the boys in 2014 organised by PBC a new court in Puchong Prima/Permai. There were only about 20 participants in this inaugural tournament with 5 entries from Wira Tangkis. Both Ryan and Aaron unfortunately were drawn in the more difficult half with their club mate and favorite Lee Jie Quan.

Ryan won his first and second match effortlessly by winning 31-8 and 31-19 respectively. In the quarter finals, he faced his school and clubmate Lee Jie Quan. For the record, Ryan has never beaten him before and their head-to-head record stands 0 - 4 in favour of Jie Quan. Into the first half of the match, Ryan surprisingly lead Jie Quan until the change over. After that, Jie Quan upped his game and forced Ryan to commit a string of errors. Ryan ran out of ideas in the closing of the game and conceded the match 20 -31.

Aaron received a  bye in his first round. In his second match, Aaron exuded confidence and was in his smashing mood disposing Muhd Thaqif 31-17. In the quarter final, he was drawn against local favorite and top seed Azroy.  Aaron was in form and upset him 31 – 17.  After that game, he felt uncomfortable with his right knee. In the semi final against Lee Jie Quan, he was not at his best and succumb to Jie Quan’s power game 23 – 31. Jie Quan went on to beat Darren Tan in the final.

Wira Tangkis made a clean sweep of all top four prizes. With Jie Quan as Champion, Darren Tan as runner-up, Jie Yang & Aaron grabbing the remaining 3/4 prizes. It was a good start for the club and for Aaron. We hope Ryan will have better luck on the draw in the next tournament in March. Stay tuned.


1st Round : Aaron vs Bye              

2nd Round : Aaron vs Muhd Thaqif            31 – 14

Quarter-Final : Aaron vs Azroy                   31 – 17

Semi-final       : Aaron vs Lee Jie Quan      23 – 31


1st Round : Ryan vs Wong Wei Sheng       31 – 8

2nd Round : Ryan vs Muhd Iskandar          31 – 19

Quarter-Final : Ryan vs Lee Jie Quan        20 – 31

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