Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Excerpt from Tan Sri Elyas Omar BAM President 1985 - 1993
 “It has been more than 20 years since we won the Thomas Cup. I think it is time to rebuild a strong team and stop focusing too much on individual pursuit and glory.”

“We had more than one singles player and we had several doubles combinations. There was depth. Now, we are lacking in this area. Look at how long (world No. 1) Lee Chong Wei has dominated the scene. None are closely challenging him."

“I may have been out of the badminton circle for some time but I do feel there is a need for BAM to re-organise themselves at the national and state level. There needs to be focus on development of talents.”

“There should be a lot of competitions – inter-school, inter-state, intra-state, age-group .... The way to go is to create a big pool of players below 14 years old. They should be trained under pressure cooker conditions from young. If they do this, a player by the age of 18, will have the boldness, courage and mental strength to face any opponent.”

“If I had stayed on (after 1993), I would have abolished the current structure. It is best to have one BAM, one constitution, one plan and one budget for all. The states should be dissolved but committees should be set up at every state.”

“Currently, the states have their own constitution and sometimes, we hear of infighting for power and position. This slows down the development programme in certain states as people in power are busy politicking.”

Tan Sri has hit the nail hard on the head, but was it hard enough?

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