Friday, 26 July 2013


Wira Tangkis at Perak Badminton Academy

Today, a double misfortune befell on the boys. Today, Wira Tangkis had planned a trip to Ipoh for a friendly with Perak Badminton Association.  Ryan woke me up at 6am convulse and quivering all over as he had a bad stomach all night and had just vomited. However, he felt better after that but during our two hour long journey to Ipoh, he vomited again. His bout proved too much for him and finally had to sit out on his match.

However, we still have Aaron left to play, or so we thought.  He started his match against the like of Anson Cheong and was going blow for blow. As the match progressed, Aaron’s game deteriorated. In the middle of the second set, we noticed he was limping slightly. In the end of it, he lost in straight sets. We didn’t heed him as he was left to rue in his defeat.

Aaron's left knee in bandage
Having known Aaron being the type who suffers in silence, my wife being the more attentive one by her fair nature decided to take Aaron to a chiropractioner to examine his troubling knee.  It was found that the internals of his knee was swollen. Only then we realised he must have picked this injury up during the Young Apologist tournament last Sunday. He was to be rested for another three days.

Reluctantly I broke the news to the head coach. He fully understood the situation and urged the boys to be fully rested.  A double blow like this was indeed unwelcomed and this lost time incident would mean the boys would have to lose a weekend worth of training.

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