Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Last Sunday, the school conducted a selection match at MBA to rank the school players for the MSSD tournaments coming up in April 2013. We were anxious because, it has been quite a while since we last saw 1st rank - Ooi Zhin Yang and 2nd rank - Lee Jie Quan, whereby both were training in Kelab Wira Tangkis Putra Jaya for one year now. Zhin Yang is now a Putra Jaya state player and is competing in the National Junior Circuit with Jie Quan following his footsteps closely. I explained to the boys the reality of what they were up against and I can only advice them to give a good fight and snatch as many points as possible from their opponents who were favourites to win.

Both Ryan and Aaron cleared their preliminary rounds with ease and were inevitably drawn to play with the Wira Tangkis duo. Aaron was up to play with Zhin Yang next which was a much awaited match by the coaches. Both exchanged base line shots testing each other out. As the match progressed, the difference was clear as the state player gradually pulled away with his superior finesse. Aaron tried hard to come back and managed only occasional winners for himself but it was not enough. His shot making was still not refined enough and committed too many unforced errors. Zhin Yang won the contest 30 – 14.

Next up, was Ryan vs. Jie Quan and this was a closely fought match. Jie Quan clearly had better reach whereas Ryan was often half step too short. However, Ryan could match Jie Quan in shuttle placement forcing Jie Quan to make dramatic dives, but Ryan still lacked speed and explosiveness in his game. Although Jie Quan made many erratic errors, Ryan could not close in on him and conceded the match 22 - 30.  

In the doubles, the school has paired the boys up for second doubles behind Zhin Yang and Jie Quan as the obvious first ranked. Even though the boys lost to their better opponents, we took heart that both Ryan & Aaron has come quite a long way since their last ranking match in July 2012 and many could see their progress since then. The boys team has a good reason for optimism since they have a state player in Ooi Zhin Yang to lead them.

Unofficial Boys Singles Under 12

1)       Ooi Zhin Yang (12)
2)       Lee Jie Quan (11)
3)       Aaron Wong (10) Rsv
4)       Ryan Wong (11) Rsv

Unofficial Boys Doubles Under 12

1)       Ooi Zhin Yang (12) / Lee Jie Quan (11)
2)       Ryan Wong (11) / Aaron Wong (10)
3)       Wong Yen Chik (11) / Tan Jie Yang (10) Rsv

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