Tuesday, 15 January 2013


As Top Rank in 2013 Aaron was rewarded with Apacs String 
On new year’s eve, we were invited to MBA for a count-down party. Attended mostly by the advance players with their parents, we all enjoyed great food, dance-along music videos and games with give-away prizes. Aaron won a Kamhoo badminton bag from one of the games he participated in. It was a nice gesture from MBA management.

Aaron with Michael Lee of MBA

At the start of the 2013, MBA held a trial to rank the players for both the Intermediate and Advance levels. Unexpectedly, Aaron came out tops in the Intermediate level. Just when we were about to relax our expectations on him somewhat, he sprang us a surprise and performed convincingly with straight wins in all his knock-out matches. Furthermore, the peers whom he had beaten were his senior by age. Having lived in his brother’s shadow for so long, he began to come out of his little shell and stamp his mark in the academy as one of the promising players.

Ryan mysteriously couldn’t muster enough fire power in the rubber set against Tan Chi Hong. The irony was that Ryan had frequently beaten all 3 semi-finalist during their routine sparring sessions. Had they surpassed him, it would eventually come down to his slow progress on his footwork. However, we were determined to continue to work on Ryan to help him overcome his lack of explosiveness in his footwork.

2013 MBA Intermediate Ranking Trials

1st Round :        Aaron Wong vs Bye                            
Quarter Final :   Aaron Wong vs Teh Khai Je                   21-12, 21-6
Semi-Finals   :   Aaron Wong vs Lye Jun Heng                21-11, 21-9
Final              :  Aaron Wong vs Ng Chin Onn                 21-8, 21-14

1st Round :        Ryan Wong vs Wong Jun Xiang             21-6
Quarter Final :   Ryan Wong vs Tan Chi Hong                 21-10, 16-21, 18-21

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