Sunday, 30 December 2012


Aaron (R) paired with cousin Nicholas Ong (L) from the UK who visited us for 2 days

One day Aaron broke his silence with a question to me. “Daddy, why I cant enter semi finals like kor kor?” I could see that he has been quite worked up about it. I begin to understand more about Aaron’s inner workings. It seems like he has the ambition but still hasn’t acquired enough tools in his war chest to take him there. He was like playing for tomorrow with yesterday's armoury. It could get pretty frustrating and would probably explain why he threw difficult games away.

Perhaps we didn’t realize that we have put our hopes a little too high for little Aaron to live up to. He needed to after all, like every one else, go through the process of development in his own time. However I was glad he asked that timely question because we will now dial down our volume to match his own pace.

Furthermore, in future tournaments, being an artful player he is, we advised him to cut down his fanciful but risky play and focus on the basics to reduce unforced errors. We continue to believe in him as he is such a talent to watch.

Doubles Sparring Aaron/Nicholas vs Ryan/Me at Bt Jalil Golf & Country Club

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