Sunday, 28 October 2012


1)   Always hold your racket head high.         

2)   Always watch your opponent movements carefully.

3)  Hit the shuttle early. Don't wait for the shuttle to drop too low to the floor.

4)   If you are playing singles, serve long.

5)   Serve over the head of the opponent to force him bend back to reach the shuttle.

6)   Always run back to the middle of the court after you hit the shuttle.

7)  Make your opponent move around the court; don't hit towards him.

8)  Aim at their backhands. Most players will have trouble returning a good shot.

9)   If you are not sure where to place the shuttle, hit it to the base line.

10) Better to place the shuttle accurately than to smash.

11) Use overhead shots instead of back hand shots as much as possible.

12) Don’t be tense. Relax and play with Rhythm.

13) Avoid mistakes. Get more points from opponent’s mistakes to win the match.

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